• Financial Education and Repayment Success

    EX$EL helps students and student loan borrowers make the most of their money through personalized financial education. We also help graduates successfully navigate the loan repayment process, leading to better outcomes for both the borrower and his/her institution.

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What is EX$EL?

EX$EL is managed by a non-profit organization that collaborates with colleges and universities nationwide. We offer a service that is free to students and student loan borrowers. We work on behalf of your school. We keep in contact with students and borrowers through consistent regular contact via email, text, and telephone. We provide dynamic financial education information through a user-friendly website. We're here to help students learn about managing money and successfully repaying student loans.

Understanding My Money

Topics include everything from information about financial aid, being a smart student loan borrower, creating a budget, and understanding a credit report.

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My Future, My Money

My Future, My Money is designed to smooth the transition from the campus to the workplace with practical advice and money management skills.

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Loan Repayment Advice

EX$EL provides information about options to make student loan repayment more affordable for all borrowers. The service works with schools and loan servicers

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