About Us

EX$EL works with colleges and universities to enhance students' financial education during college and beyond and guide student loan borrowers in successfully managing and repaying their loans. These services are offered free of charge to students and student loan borrowers.

EX$EL is managed by College Foundation, Inc. ("CFI") on behalf of participating schools and is made available through the joint efforts of Decision Partners, CFI and the North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority ("NCSEAA"). CFI and NCSEAA have worked together for more than 50 years to assist students with paying for college. With this long and solid history and year-after-year cohort default rates of approximately one-third of the national rate, CFI and NCSEAA, with the addition of Decision Partners, a premiere provider of online financial education, are ready to serve your school and students.

Decision Partners

Since 2003, Decision Partners has pioneered the field of online financial literacy education. They created the nation's first online financial literacy course and continue to develop innovative strategies for teaching critical financial skills. Today, hundreds of educational, nonprofit, and related organizations use their services to transform everyday services into teachable moments for financial education.

College Foundation, Inc.

Chartered in 1955, CFI has almost 60 years of experience in administering financial programs for higher education and working with students attending North Carolina colleges and universities, families and institutions. In addition to managing EX$EL, CFI administers State grants and North Carolina's National College Savings Program (the NC 529 Plan) on behalf of NCSEAA, offers a college funds payment plan to North Carolina institutions and provides technology services for college access information service, College Foundation of North Carolina (CFNC), and the School Servicing Center's Verification and C Code service.

North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority

Established in 1965, NCSEAA is the State agency that promotes access to higher education by administering financial aid and savings programs, informing students and families about paying for college, teaching educators about financial aid administration, and advocating for resources to support students.

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